Our Story

Spoiled Life began its journey with Glenn & Steve’s first business venture together - Spoiled Hairdressing. An unconventional start for a lifestyle store, this eye for style and business savvy gave way to the vision of Spoiled Life. A lifestyle & clothing store primarily, Spoiled Life has developed into a multi-sensory shopping experience planted in the heart of St Andrews.

With the idea of bringing Scandinavian design, Moroccan style and European trends to Scotland, Spoiled Life combines these unique and diverse inspirations alongside a specialty coffee bar to become a unique retail experience that leaves no sense unsatisfied.

We love to fill the store with scents, from the incense and candles we stock, as you walk through the door you are met by fragrances from many corners of the world. Make your way to the back of the shop, your nose will start to pick up hints of fresh pastries, cakes and grinding coffee beans from our coffee bar, where you can sit and sip the highest quality specialty coffee. Making your way past the cafe brings you to the unique textures, high quality materials and considerate design of our homeware range.

Spoiled Life takes inspiration from art through the decades, letting you satisfy your eyes with prints from artists such as Ross Muir and Jimmy Turrell. Theres rarely a moment we aren’t playing our favourite songs in the store but our Spoiled After Hours Events take this to the next level with live Jazz bands and DJs.

Moving down a level you will find yourself amongst the beautiful textiles and sustainable conscience that is Spoiled Life’s clothing collection. This collection is constantly evolving as we hand pick fresh brands each season, adding to the Spoiled Family.

Spoiled Life is a reflection of the brands we sell and because of this we make sure we work with responsible B-Corporation brands such as Husk, who supply the recycled coffee husk cups that we serve our specialty coffee in.

The combination of these aspects truly make Spoiled Life an experience of its own.