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Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Eucalyptus Mulberry

Abigail Ahern Eucalyptus Mulberry

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Abigail Ahern on...
Eucalyptus Plum

Why you'll love it

With an abundance of richly coloured purple leaves cascading down multiple branches, it doesn't take many Eucalyptus Plum stems to fill your favourite Abigail Ahern vase. These tall artificial flower stems will create the most striking centrepiece for your hallway console or kitchen island. Here at AA we are so obsessed with this foliage stem as it packs a big botanical punch!  

No Fail Styling Tips

Arrange three to five stems together in a tall vase for a big dose of colour and texture, or mix them with flowers with a peachy apricot tone like our artificial hydrangea or faux peony for an impressive bouquet for your dining table centrepiece or to add a dramatic flair to your coffee table.
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