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Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Hydrangea Paniculata

Abigail Ahern Hydrangea Paniculata

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Abigail Ahern on...
Hydrangea Paniculata

Why you'll love it

The amazing Hydrangea Paniculata just embodies warmer days. Each tall, languid stem is amassed with an array of small purple flower heads and with each petal displaying so much nuance of glorious colour. A faux botanical to make a statement, this incredible stem will become another focal point in your living space. 

No Fail Styling Tips

Amazing en masse, this stem is so evocative of lush English country gardens. Style these faux purple flower stems in an impactful Abigail Ahern vase like the Kaya Vessel, its gorgeous stoneware finish compliments these flower stems so well. For an intriguing flower bouquet, team the faux Hydrangea Paniculata with our amazing artificial Cosmos, Eucalyptus Populus or faux Peony Purple as the tones and textures of these botanicals look magical together.
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