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Gejst KOLLAGE Hook - 2 Pack

Gejst KOLLAGE Hook - 2 Pack

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Kollage hook is the common thread, in the entire Kollage collection. With its rounded shape and simple design Kollage Hook, works both on its own and in a setting with Kollage mirror, planter and shelf.


Product Description:


Product name: Kollage
Product category: Hooks
Material: Oak
Designer: Michael Rem
Dimensions: B: 3 cm, H: 6,5 cm, D: 3,2 cm


Kollage Hook is designed by Michael Rem. It is inspired by the the classical principle of the French cleat system, that is often to be found in old-fashioned craftsmen workshops. Kollage is characterised by a distinctive hook, which serves as starting point for all the remaining hanging objects in the collection: a mirror, a shelf and a planter. The original organizing system has been rethought, taken out of the dusty garages and brought in to the design world. Place the hooks, mirror, shelf and planter how you like and create a collage of useful and decorative items.

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