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Gem Bazaar

Gem Bazaar Labroc Ring

Gem Bazaar Labroc Ring

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* Labradorite gemstone

* Recycled brass with 18k gold vermeil

* All recycled metals

* Recycled and recyclable box

* Upcycled silk sari bag for safe keeping


This ring is one of those rare must have rings! When the light falls on the labradorite it comes alive with bright shiny deep blues and greens. It really has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

A triangle of richly coloured rough cut labradorite, is set off to perfection in a wide gold surround and band. The shape is wonderfully organic, very rounded on the inside and comfortable to wear, and the stone has incredible depth and colour.

What do we love about this ring? Each one is made by hand, to fit the metal around the stone so it looks beautifully organic, like something from the pharoah’s time. Match it with our Labradrops earrings.


The labradorite is about 18mm by 13mm and the gold surround is 9mm deep. The band is 6mm.

The metal is brass with 2.5 microns of 18k gold vermeil so the gold should last really well. The reason we make many of our gold rings in brass, not silver, is that should the gold vermeil begin to wear off (which won’t happen for a long time) it will not show through nearly so much on the brass, and give your ring a long life of wear.

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