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Gem Bazaar

Gem Bazaar Wide Step Ring

Gem Bazaar Wide Step Ring

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* Coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli gemstones

* Brass with 18k gold vermeil

* All recycled metals

* Recycled and recyclable box

* Upcycled silk sari bag for safe keeping


We did these adorable rings in just one gemstone and they were so popular we have decided to bring them back in the inconic gemstone combination of turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli.

A wide band of striped, hammered gold, has four tiny cabochon gemstones which run down the central column of the ring.  The metal is recycled brass with 2.5 microns of recycled 18k gold vermeil so the gold will last a very long time. 

The reason we use brass for some of our rings is that should the vermeil begin to wear off (which won't happen for a long time) it won't show nearly so much on brass thus giving your ring a long life of wear.

What do we love about these rings?  The colour combination and the fact that they are just plain cute!

Match them with the other rings in the series, or with our gold stacking rings.


Each gemstone is 2mm and there are 4 stones in this ring, two in turquoise and one each in lapis lazuli and coral.

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