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Rachel Entwistle Apollo Hoops Green Onyx - Gold

Rachel Entwistle Apollo Hoops Green Onyx - Gold

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Mentioned seven times in the Bible, onyx is a powerful ancient stone, believed to provide protection from evil. The Persians, Indians, Romans and Greeks all used it as a talisman, rubbing its smooth surface to give them the focus and courage they needed to go into battle, and the good fortune to come out the other side. Rachel Entwistle named these earrings after Apollo, prophetic god of the Delphi Oracle, and one of the original "averters of evil".

The teardrop shape of these gold charm earrings echoes onyx’s cave origins – drops of water falling from stalactites, evaporating over the centuries to create a mineral rich stone.

These minimal yet striking gold charm hoop earrings can also be reversed giving you two choices in one pair of earrings. The reverse side shows a spiral pattern formation a universal and ancient symbol, rooted in nature and talking the language of mathematics. From the double helix of our DNA to our galaxy, weather patterns to whirlpools, plants to shells, spirals are associated with the cyclical forces of nature – with rebirth and the cycle of life.

Clean, modernist lines give these onyx mini hoop earrings a classic, timeless quality that is equally at home on men and women.


Green onyx and gold vermeil (18ct gold plating over recycled sterling silver)


These green onyx charms measure 6.1mm x 7.9mm, the hoop is 10mm and the whole weight is 1.1g per earring

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