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Spoiled Life

Rachel Entwistle Ouroboros Large Hoops - Silver

Rachel Entwistle Ouroboros Large Hoops - Silver

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The mystical Ouroboros symbol is the oldest in the world, held in awe and wonder across continents for two thousand years. From the golden shrine of Tutankhamun to the hopeful laboratories of the Renaissance alchemists, the circular "tail devourer" has accrued many layers of meaning. The ancient Greeks encircled it with the words “One is All”.

The Egyptians used it to depict the way they saw time – as a series of repetitive cycles. The Gnostics’ perceived it as the divine and earthly existing in unison. Wear this powerful hand-carved earring as a reminder of the cyclicality of nature, the circle of life and death, and to take your place in the eternal cycle of time. 

Handmade in London for adventures everywhere. Devour obstacles. Bask in opportunity.

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