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Rachel Entwistle Scarab Signet Ring - Silver

Rachel Entwistle Scarab Signet Ring - Silver

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The Egyptian scarab beetle is an ancient symbol of rebirth. These ancients placed the scarab beetle on the heart as an amulet to burn away sins and guarantee passage into the afterlife. Rachel’s handsome design is inspired by scarab symbolism, integrating the symbolism of the scarab headed Khepri - Egyptian god of the rising sun.

In Rachel’s piece the Egyptian beetle holds the sun which she sees as a symbol of burning away the things that no longer serve you. Wear the Scarab symbol as a powerful symbol of your own rebirth and renewal in the face of challenge. For modern day adventurers, in this life and beyond. 

This piece is both for men and for women. The scarab signet ring is handmade in London for adventures everywhere. Burn what no longer serves you. Embrace the rising sun!

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