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Rachel Entwistle Spiral Signet Ring - Silver

Rachel Entwistle Spiral Signet Ring - Silver

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The spiral is a universal and ancient symbol, rooted in nature and talking the language of mathematics. From the double helix of our DNA to our galaxy, weather patterns to whirlpools, plants to shells, spirals are associated with the cyclical forces of nature – with rebirth and the cycle of life.

Nature is also present in this signet ring’s teardrop shape; bringing to mind the qualities of water – cleansing, healing, rejuvenating, and purifying. In constant movement, adaptive and strong. 

Clean, modernist lines give this silver signet ring a classic, timeless quality that is equally at home for men and women, day or evening. Whoever you are, wherever you are, use this spiral ring as a touchstone – to connect with the natural world, a reminder of the cycle of life, and the possibility of rebirth, whatever the weather. 


High quality recycled Sterling Silver

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