Take a seat on the mezzanine and watch the other shoppers as you sip a perfectly poured flat white. Or head up to the coffee bar to see the baristas in action. Beans from The Roasting Project in Burntisland fill the hoppers and are paired with locally sourced milk in a range of espresso-based drinks. Treat yourself to a slice of one of the cakes or a pastry from local bakeries. Flavours change weekly and include vegan and gluten-free options.

Take your pick from our Summer Drinks Menu, where we have brewed up some delicious beverages to keep you refreshed and spoiled. 

There are three ways you can enjoy the café in Spoiled Life:

Relax in the store, grab a seat on the mezzanine and chat, browse or study as you sip specialty coffee, roasted in nearby Burntisland, by the Roasting Project, from our iconic recycled coffee husk cups, made by Husk. 

Secondly, you can browse the store at your own pace, coffee in hand. 

Lastly, take your coffee with you into the world in one of our fully compostable takeaway cups, made from plants, lined with plants and decorated with water based ink.